Gender Male
Species Human
Other Allies Zack, Wiki
Opponents Wiki, Zack, The Rose Rock

Barbaros is a character from Zack & Wiki:Quest for Barbaros' Treasure.


Barbaros met Zack and Wiki at the end of A Journey Begins. He is put back together by Zack, and once Zack gets the final piece of him, he betrays Zack, and claims Treasure Island and the Legendary Ship for himself. He tries to kill Zack since he is done using him and doesn't need him anymore. He then goes back to treasure island with Zack and Wiki following him. When he sees that they followed him he freezes them and the Rose Rocks(who made a deal to help Zack for a share of the treasure). He then is happy that they came because he needed wiki to re-animate his zombie henchmen. Zack escapes and tricks Barbaros to reclaim Wiki. He turns Barbaros back into skeleton form and leaves with the ship. Barbaros somehow reanimates himself and attacks with a huge beast. Unfortunetly for him, Zack outsmarts him once again. Wiki sacrifices himself to stop him in the end. But it turns out neither died because Barbaros is seen in a hidden clip in a dark room and tells the player the adventure isn't over because of secret chests, only to be scared away by the sound of Wiki's bell.