Bell Tower of Requiem (Level #17 in Zack and Wiki: Quest for Barbaros' Treasure)
Level #1 in Area
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"Bell Tower of Requiem" is the first stage of the Barbaros' Castle area. It's surprisingly easy to complete if you know how to do it.

Solving the stageEdit

This stage is easy. The chest is in the basement, guarded by a robot that will send you to a parallel universe if you don't dispose of it. What you need to do is go down to the basement anyway, and find a machine that is powering a wheel. Set it to reverse. While you do this, you may notice that there are ghosts in the tower. They're the skulls lying around, and if the moon is covered, they'll come out.

Now go back to the ground floor and ride up the wheel. Becareful of the ghosts, if they see Zack They'll steal his soul.You must wait until they are Skulls, the Skulls must also be used to solve the puzzles. During the time when the moon is out, take the Skull from the first ghost and place it on the button. This will allow you to make your way to the top.

There are ghosts at the top guarding the Key in the water that only appears when the moon is out. Go over to the ladder when the ghosts are skulls. Climb it and click the bell to ring it and it will case the water fountain to cry a thick substance while shrieking in terror. When you go in the fountain when the moon is out, there is a moon stone that shines brightly. Put the moon stone in the cage to the right and wait for the Ghosts to turn back and then quickly take them under the moon cages light then when the moon comes out they'll stay skulls. And you can take the key. Go over to the ladder and climb it again. to use the key and turn the frog on top into a frog bomb and place it in the hole. After it blows up the bell will fall on the robot. you go down and take the treasure and you wins.

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