Bridge of Doom (Level #11 in Zack and Wiki: Quest for Barbaros' Treasure)
Level #1 in Area

"Bridge of Doom" is the first stage of the Volcano Cavern Area, and the 11th stage in the game Zack & Wiki:Quest for Barbaros' Treasure.

Solving the PuzzleEdit

Getting DownEdit

We start the level next to the treasure, however, it is on fire, so we must put out the fire before we may proceed. The only thing we can do right now is to cross the bridge. Here, we will find a goblet and a pool of water. Fill the goblet with water, but do not go back across the bridge, as doing so will prevent you from completing the level. Instead, take the stairs down, where you will find a lever. Right now, unless you have a really good memory, I would advise getting ready to record a long sequence, as when you try to pull the lever, it will flash a series of directions. Once it is finished flashing, input the sequence with your direction pad, and you can move the lever. The stairs will fall, and you can get to the lowest level.

Getting the Water to the FireEdit

Once you get to the lowest level, you should use the goblet to put out the fire. This will give you access to a hard hat, and to one of the goons. Itemize one of the goons, and place him in the gap, and then grab the hard hat, and climb the stairs. Pull the lever, and the stairs will rise again. Fill up the hat with water, and go back down, and put out the fire past the gap. Now, itemize the other goon, and place him on the platform, so that the lava will stop flowing, making the elevator fall down. Refill the hard hat with water again, and stand on the elevator. Ring Wiki to turn the totem back into a goon, and the elevator will rise, bringing you back to the top.

Finishing the LevelEdit

Now, do not place the water on the fire, as the fire is too strong. Instead, pour it into the water vat, and Wiki will observe that it is half full. Cross the bridge again, fill up the Hard Hat with water, and as you go back across the bridge will break. Put the rest of the water in the vat, and the fire will go out, and you can claim the Ekel bracelet for yourself.

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