Level #4 in Area

"Frost Breath" is the fourth and last stage in the Frozen Temple area, and the 10th level in Zack & Wiki: Quest for Barbaros' Treasure. This stage is often considered to be the first truly challenging level, as it requires an extensive amount of critical thinking, and has a randomized layout.

Solving the PuzzleEdit

First things firstEdit

This level you are going to have to get through without the help of Wiki, so you will be giving instructions to Zack alone. Notice that there is a laser beam that you can control, as you will have to hit the lion with the lazer 3 times. Right now, just pull the lever, and you will send a beam straight forward into the lion. Things get slightly harder after this. Notice that some mirrors and icicles have appeared in your way, as you will have to navigate the laezer around these. Also, the lion will periodically breath some frost breath, so make sure you are behind an icicle, the lazer, or a mirror that is not oriented parallel to the frost.

Placing the MirrorsEdit

After you get the first strike in on the lion, you will get a randomly chosen playing field, and there will be two mirrors that you can place anywhere on the field. The trick to solve this puzzle is to get a piece of paper, and draw a graphic representation of the playing field. Once you have a graphic representation, you can then try to trace a path that will get the lazer to hit the lion. Then, place the mirrors where they belong, and point the lever, and hit the lion. Be careful, though. If you miss the lion three times, Wiki will freeze to death, and you will lose the game.

The Final ShotEdit

Once you have gotten two shots in on the lion, Captain Rose will freeze, and so you should place her on the broken pedestal on the left side. Across the field from the pedestal will be a goddess that lost its grip on its mirror, so you should take that mirror, and place it in Roses' hands. Now, you should redraw the battle field, and with knowledge that you have a third mirror to use, find your next path, and you will defeat the lion, allowing you to claim the Volcano Cavern map.