Growlin' Goblins are enemies that Zack will encounter during many parts of the game. They are very secure, and if one spots Zack, they will attack and kill him.

Role in the storyEdit

The Growlin' Goblins are the apparent guardiens of the Jungle Ruins area. They are very agressive to outsiders, espcially around their treasures. Their chief lives in the Flute of the Growlin' Goblins stage area. If they pose a problem, they can be itemised into Growlin' Goblin Totems. Their chief itemises into a Growlin' Goblin Chief Totem. Most likely, they either worship or are ruled by King Growl.


The Growlin' Goblins appear exclusively in the Jungle Ruins area. They appear in the Flute of the Growlin' Goblins, and in the end of King of the Jungle

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