Itemization is the process of ringing Wiki near an animal to transform them into an item. These items are usually useful, and itemization is a vital part of solving puzzles.

Table of ItemizationsEdit

Relations between Item and Creature
Enemy Item Description
Centipede Centi-saw The Centi-saw is a saw that can be used to cut things
Snake Slither Gripper The Slither Gripper is a gripper that is used to reach things from a distance.
Worm Worm Straw A straw that looks like a worm
Frog Frog Bomb A bomb that explodes 10 seconds after it is made
Goon Goon Totem A Totem that looks like a Rose Rock Goon
Boar Boarammer A hammer that looks like a Boar
Mole Moldrill A drill that looks like a Mole
King Growl King Growl Totem A Totem that looks like King Growl
Barbaros Barbaros' Body Parts A set of items that, when all put toghether, look like the legendary pirate Barbaros

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