Level #2 in Area

"Lake of Fire" is the second stage in the Volcano Cavern Area, and the twelfth level in Zack & Wiki: Quest for Barbaros' Treasure.

Solving the StageEdit

Releasing the LavaEdit

You should notice that the treasure is on a pillar that leads into a spiked pit. Go ahead and break some pots, and some of them will contain fangs. After crossing the bridge, there are some stairs, so go down those stairs, and you will end up on a huge staircase. Climb those, and you will get to a door. Wiki will observe that the door contains a huge amount of lava. Note that one of the fangs is incomplete, so examine it, and see what shape it has. You want to find a smaller fang that will fit and complete the fang, so examine all of the fangs and bring the matching one to the fang, and the lava will release, making the treasure float on the lava. Now, we need to cool down this lava so we may get to the treasure.

Dropping the WaterEdit

Find the two goons, and itemize them both. Place one of the totems on the totem stand that is close to the arch path, and place the other on the totem stand that precedes a flight of stairs, and climb up the stairs. Notice that there is a pillar of wood. Itemize the Centipede, and use the Centi-saw to saw down the pillar. Cross the pillar, and use the Centisaw on the other pillar. Now, go up to the ball, and cut down the beam supporting it, and the ball will roll, and if the path is setup correctly, it will cause water to spill on the lava, allowing you to get the Zorn Candelabra.

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