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Zack and wiki is the story of a young pirate and his flying monkey sidekick. they are partners who hunt for treasure just like any other pirate, but wiki can be turned into a magical bell that can turn enemie creautres into various objects that can be very useful to him. They together can defeet most any chalenge that they face.

The story of Zack and wiki starts with Zack sleeping on a plain bound to an unknown location. Wiki tricks him into waking up by telling him that there's treasure everywhere, proving that zack loves treasure. Moments later, Zack meets Johany, (who is flying the plane) who finds that something is amiss outside the plane. after a short lesson on using the camara, you find that it is the rocky rose pirates. After Johany escapes, You do too, which sends you in a free fall to earth. You get another lesson in controlls during your freefall, which you miraculasly survive. Then you narrowly escape another deadly situation involving a piece of the destroied plane destroying your foothold. when you finally get to saftey, you open a treasure chest, in which you find a golden skull.

Suddenly the skull comes to life and starts acting strange in lite of something Wiki apparently did to him, but then concludes that he mistook him for someone else and introduces himself as Barbaros, the famous pirate who mysteriouslly disapeared. After a short chat, he agrees to show you to his "treasure island" in exchange for retreaving the parts of his body. After agreeing, you return to the hideout.

Jungle RuinsEdit

The first place you visit is the Jungle ruins. You sucuessfully gain the first few pieces of Barbaros whial at the same time dealing with the Growlin' Goblins and their apparent leader, King Growl, a vicious ape who seems to be part snake. The complexity is low so beginners can get a hang of the game. This region consists of A Journey Begins, Flute of the Growlin' Goblins, Pit of Tragady, Fountain Guardien, and King of the Jungle

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