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"Three Colossi" is the third stage of both the Jungle Ruins area and the game Zack and Wiki: Quest for Barbaros' Treasure.


"Three Colossi" is set in the ruins of a temple. There are three colossi, two of which has crank holes, and one that has a toppled totem in front of it. There is a platform above the colossi, and a broken set of stairs leading up to that platform. At the base of the stairs is a switch, which will cause one of the colossi's hands to flatten. On the other side of that same colossus is a treasure chest. On the colossus with the totem, there is a diagram showing how the totem was supposed to be arranged. Zack constructs the totem, and pulls a lever. When he pulls the lever, a Crank Handle falls out. Zack places the crank handle in the leftmost crank hole, and moves the hands until he knocks over a Totem Head, which he takes. He then places this head on the switch in front of the stairs, and takes the Crank Handle again, and places it in the other totem. He turns the crank until the ball rolls off its perch, which causes a Rube Goldberg machine to send a boulder rolling past the switch, which would have killed him if he activated the switch with his own weight. He then walks up the stairs, and claims the Grauen Goblet for himself.

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