We've all been there. We created a page, and it got deleted. The page we created did not work. You WILL for sure want to make a page, but follow these guidelines and you'll be a GOD at creating pages:

Make constructive pagesEdit

Make pages relevant to the wiki. If it is of any irrelevance, it will be deleted. Only make a page if it contributes to the wiki. If it does not, do not make the page. For example, "Mario Hoops 3 on 3" will not take the Wiki anywhere. However, "Captain Rose" will take the wiki far. Make the latter kind of pages, not the former.

Make factual pagesEdit

No opinionated pages. That means no "I think Zack is ugly" on the Zack page. If you are making a page, make sure that it only contains factual information. Post your opinions on your blog or on your user page, the articles are for informational purposes only.

Please, just TRYEdit

Make sure you know what you're making. A page called "OMG I think Wiki is the cutest thing on the planet don't you agree?" will not at all go anywhere. If it is spam or vandalism, it will not be tolerated.