A wikia can be a fun place to be. It's great editing pages, making pages, and talking with other users. However, we do have certain restrictions. Here are some rules of the place:

What Zack & Wiki Wiki is notEdit

A social networking service

This is not a place to make friends online. It's all right if you DO make friends here, it's if you CAME here to make friends that matters. If you were just here to make friends and you're not here to edit pages and contribute to the wiki, that's different. Do not do that. Also, certain kind of discussion should just be avoided overall:

Bad discussion:

"Hey, what's up man? Haven't seen you in a while! ~~~~" "I've been fine. How bout you? ~~~~"

Good discussion:

"Hey, does Wiki REALLY turn enemies into items? ~~~~" "See Wiki's bell. ~~~~

An advertisement center

We do not advertise here. If you have a Deviantart, Youtube, Myspace, Facebook, etc, put it on your blog or user page. Do NOT put it on other people's talk pages or discussion pages of articles. If you have a story or fanart up, do the same.

A random sandbox

This one is the most important. If you have the need to find out how things work or how you change color or whatever, you CANNOT just attack the wiki and mess up certain articles just to find out how things work here. Just see the Sandbox, where you can do practically whatever you want there.

Listen to the superiorsEdit

The superiors are the Sysops, Bureaucrats, and Rollbacks. If they say that a page HAS to be deleted or HAS to be protected or that you CANNOT do that, listen to that. Do not ignore the superiors, because it will just get you banned. Do not recreate deleted pages (for the most part), do not vandalize, and do not troll. The good ol' RVT rule.

If you have a problem...Edit

If you have a question or you see a vandal, report it. For the most part, just post it on ParaGoomba348's talk page and he will work out the problem. If he is not on, find another superior.

What do you do if you get banned?Edit

If you got banned, it's probably because you broke the rules. Just wait it out. Do not complain on your own talk page (because that will be the only page you'll be able to post on) and do not create other users. Most importantly, DO NOT BAN EVADE. When (not if) you are caught ban-evading, a much longer ban will be given out, possibly permanent.